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Solice: is this crypto project worth your investment?

Built on the Solana blockchain, Solice is an open 3D environment with endless possibilities: a VR metaverse where users may play, construct, own, socialize, and engagingly monetize their virtual experiences. Solice is a metaverse comprising virtual worlds, NFTs, and communities that are all connected. The goal is to improve the overall user experience by linking people in the metaverse through interoperability.

Solice is a platform that supports the creation of a shared virtual environment, commonly known as a metaverse. Multiple platforms will be supported by the metaverse, removing the barrier of disparate hardware, software, and operating systems. This allows more people to invite and interact with their friends and family, increasing the user base’s exponential growth potential.

solice the metaverse

The Solice metaverse will include a decentralized ledger for virtual world ownership. Users can own a piece of land or any other asset like clothing and pets. All of this entails the usage of a protocol to describe the content of each land parcel or asset, as well as a peer-to-peer network to facilitate user interaction.

The Team behind Solice

As presented in the white paper, this is a strong team that includes renowned names in the crypto and gaming industries.

Solice’s CEO, Christian Zhang, has a long experience with some renowned crypto projects, such as Fantom, LTO Network, and Solanium. On the other hand, their COO, “Serena” counts more than $750M in closed contracts with a solid entrepreneurial background.

Also according to the White paper, the project relies on the services of a multi-year competent team for its development. For example, “Kingter”, a 20years experienced developer who oversees Smart Contract development.

Unfortunately, except for the CEO, the full name of many Team members is not disclosed. As the white paper only mentions their first name/nicknames.

Solice (SLC) Tokenomics

SLC is the utility token of Solice’s metaverse. SLC is a multipurpose governance token distributed during private and public sales, with specific allocations for the core team, staking incentives, and community treasury. $SLC will also be used in executing different marketplace activities such as NFT trading and asset generation.

Users will be able to earn $SLC as part of their participation in the metaverse.

According to The project’s official website, the token will be distributed as follow:

Solice Tokenomics
  • Team: 60,000,000 tokens – 1 year cliff, then 2 years of quarterly vesting
  • Advisors: 12,000,000 tokens –  1 year cliff then 2 years quarterly vesting
  • User incentive: 40% unlocked, 6 months linear vesting over last 60% – 20,000,000 tokens
  • Reserve: 80,000,000 tokens – 2 year vesting with 1 year cliff
  • Community & marketing: 40,000,000 tokens with 30% unlocked, 7 months vesting over last 70% – 60,000,000 tokens
  • Platform reward: 28,000,000 tokens with 50% unlocked, with a 5months linear vesting over the last 50%
  • Ecosystem: 6 months lock then 2 years linear vesting
  • Seed: 18 months vesting, linear quarterly unlock – 24,000,000 tokens
  • Private sale: 68,000,000 tokens – 18 months vesting, linear quarterly unlock
  • Public sale: 40% unlocked, 20% quarterly unlock – 8,000,000 tokens

As of the time of writing this article, the fully Diluted Market Cap of SLC is more than 10x its Current Market Cap. This isn’t surprising as it’s also the case for most utility tokens in the Solana ecosystem. But, having such a big gap between the fully Diluted Market Cap and Current Market Cap can exercise a potential downward pressure on the price especially if the unlocking token schedule is as aggressive as the one presented par the project.

Solice Partnerships and Investors

Among a long list of investors disclosed by Solice, we find popular and well-respected brands like Animoca Brands, which is known for its engagement with many promising projects including Dogami and The Sandbox. Animoca isn’t betting alone on this crypto project. Kucoin, a well-known platform supporting a large variety of NFT gaming projects, is also an investor in Solice alongside DeFiance Capital and GenBlock Capital.

Solice Investors

Solice Digital Assets

As a player, you can buy LANDS. Each LAND parcel is 16 meters by 16 meters and is represented by an NFT. The Solice token ($SLC) may be used to acquire LAND, and the total number of LAND parcels in Solice is limited to 60.000.

The communal areas, arenas, and highways, on the other hand, are held by the Solice creators and cannot be purchased or sold by users. This isn’t the end of it. In addition, players will be able to combine LANDS to construct CITIES in the future. The crypto project hopes that many users will build CITIES in the future to create DISTRICTS.

How can I make money on Solice?

Currently, both the Map and the Marketplace are still under construction. But, once the game is launched, players will be able to buy and own LANDS in the Metaverse. As a player, you may use your LAND to develop and monetize any form of activity (free or paid). Every piece of LAND will come with a collection of pre-built terrains that you can later modify and even invite other players to work with.

Staking of SLC tokens on LANDS

As a LAND owner, you can stake your SLC tokens on your LANDS to get prizes and a chance to obtain rare materials/ingredients. These materials/ingredients can be used to make rare, scarce assets or to boost the rarity of an existing item.

All your uncommon materials or ingredients can be easily traded on the marketplace.

Always within the metaverse, you can collect ingredients and resources. These elements and resources can then be combined to create whole NFT assets. The combination can increase the asset’s rarity and scarcity and increases your chances of getting better offers for your NFTs thanks to Solice’s Crafting System.

The Solice Open Marketplace

Solice Open Marketplace
Solice Open Marketplace –

According to the project whitepaper, players will be able to sell and purchase any element that can be sold – all this in one place: The Solice Open Marketplace. The items that can be traded will include: Land plots, Pets, Special avatars, Buildings, Pet eggs, Gemstones, Raw materials, and Crafted items that you can edit and create with the Editor application.

Please note that at the time of writing this article, the Marketplace and Editor haven’t been released yet and are still under construction.

According to Solice, users of The Open Marketplace will see digital assets in 3D VR. The Open Marketplace will be an immersive and customer-centric experience.

Solice: A metaverse that supports creativity

If you are into design and willing to create your own NFTs, Solice will make it simple to generate, assemble, and exchange 3D model assets, as well as design mini-games. Individual artists with intuition and the freedom to create anything are encouraged and empowered. You may create your own 3D assets, animate them, and then sell or publish them in our global marketplace.

All this will be possible as soon as The Editor application, a standalone SDK, that allows users to develop their own assets and mini-games is launched. For digital scarcity, security, and authenticity, users convert these assets into virtual tokens (NFTs).

Solice Roadmap

The team promises to offer fascinating features that will go live this year. Among these promises, the multiplayer mode and a PC version with VR compatibility have been implemented during Q1 alongside several enhancements like in-game Staking and the debut of ‘rare’ ingredients and materials. Click here to view the updated and the complete roadmap.

Our Verdict

As with many projects in the Solana ecosystem, SLC suffers from a significant gap between the fully Diluted Market Cap and Current Market Cap. In addition, we believe that the New Tokens Release Schedule for SLC is rather aggressive. This will quickly dilute the current SLC supply and erase or at least reduce any potential price appreciation. As of the time of writing this article, the project is still in its early phases. The Open Marketplace, the Editor, and the Map are still under construction and haven’t been released yet. Except for the CEO, we don’t know much about the rest of the Team behind Solice.

For all these reasons combined, and before investing in this project, we advise our readers to carefully evaluate the risks associated with what we have reviewed. If you are interested in Play-to-earn crypto investment, we recommend you read our articles about Chromia and Illuvium. Both projects have relatively low market caps and high potential. You can also learn more about Dogami here!

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