is the sandbox a good investement?

Is The Sandbox a good investment in 2022(SAND)?

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is today one of the most disruptive crypto games. First created in 2012 as a non-crypto game, The Sandbox became wildly a popular game that allows its players to build their own virtual worlds. They count no less than 40 million downloads and millions of worlds created. So, is the Sandbox a good investment this year?

The latest version of the games is built on the Ethereum Blockchain so players can play, own, and even monetize their gaming experiences using SAND as the utility token. The Sandbox now offers real ownership of the game assets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game allows its players to create their own games and assets and publish them within the Sandbox Metaverse without any form of central authority.

But what is a Metaverse?

A Metaverse is the contraction of two words: meta and universe. This term isn’t that old. The concept was described for the first time in the Sci-Fi novel Snow Cash written by Neal Stephenson, an American writer well known for his books usually ranked under the Cyberpunk and Postcyberpunk genre.

The Metaverse can be defined as a collective virtual space shared by players and created by the combination of both virtual enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, augmented reality, and the Internet.

The Sandbox vision and why it’s disruptive

Metaverses and virtual worlds games are today roaring and can present valuable investment opportunities. Currently, Minecraft and Roblox dominate the market with respectively over 130 million and 100 million active players. Minecraft alone registered an impressive $415 million in revenue.

Although these games allow players to create virtual worlds, players don’t have real ownership of the very items they created. In Roblox, for example, items created by players are technically owned by Roblox! Trading and exchanging these items are also limited. Frequently, it’s difficult to prove who’s the original owner of an item and it’s also difficult for players to know the fair valuation of each item due to the central control of trading within traditional games.  

The Sandbox is now building the game on top of the Ethereum blockchain to address the weaknesses of the traditional gaming market and by doing so hopefully getting wider adoption. NTFs will guarantee that every item created within the game is unique and recorded in the blockchain. Transactions between players will be made in the utility token SAND.

The Sandbox 3 integrated products

The Sandbox gaming ecosystem counts 3 three integrated products called VoxEdit, Sandbox Marketplace and Game Maker. These products provide the user-generated content (UGC) production players need.

The Sandbox Voxedit interface


This is a simple to use and powerful free 3D voxel modeling package. It helps users make 3D objects to create voxel models that can then be imported into The Sandbox marketplace to become in-game NFTs.

The Sandbox Marketplace

This is a decentralized web-based marketplace where players can upload, publish, and sell their VoxEdit creations.

The Sandbox marketplace
The Sandbox marketplace

Game Maker

Once launched, Game Maker will allow players to build 3D games for free without any skills in coding. A player only needs to place elements over a logic layer to create Games.

This product will enable users to place and use their ASSETS within a piece of LAND. Game Maker will also offer players the possibility to implement interesting and nuanced gameplay mechanics by assigning predefined behaviors to the ASSETS.

Why should I invest in the Sandbox?

The Gaming global market is expected to amount to $268.8 billion by 2025 according to Statista. That’s why, many games, especially those offering a metaverse experience, like The Sandbox, can be considered a good way to secure an income source.

The Sandbox is a platform continuously evolving and ready to disrupt the traditional gaming industry. But how exactly can you monetize your gaming experience in the Sandbox?

Are LANDs on The Sandbox a good investment?

The Sandbox universe is divided into LANDs and Estates. LANDS are relatively buildable spaces with 1 plot of LAND having the shape of a perfect square of 96 x 96 meters and a height of 128 meters. ESTATEs, on the other hand, are much bigger and divided into 4 types: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, going from 3X3 to the size of 24X24 LANDs.

Each LAND is a unique non-Fungible token on the free open standard ERC 721 that describes how to create NFTs on the Public Ethereum Blockchain.

Buying LAND The Sandbox

LANDs are unique and scarce! The Sandbox metaverse contains a total of 166,464 LANDS and not one more! To put this number into perspective this area of 1529 km² has nothing to envy to some well-known video games like GTA 5 with its 48.15 km². On each LAND, the player can unleash its creativity and imagination, populate it with assets, play on it, or simply have friends hosted on it.

Making money in the Sandbox

The Sandbox is designed in a way that allows players to monetize their time on the platform. The first method is to own a LAND.

Once you’re the happy owner of a buildable area on this metaverse, you can charge other players who want to visit your LANDs/ESTATE. You may charge them in SAND tokens for playing your games or simply flip your buildable virtual real estate for a better price once you develop it. Having a piece of this finite metaverse allows you to make money by hosting games or renting your LAND.

Of course, you can start small before going big. LANDs can be combined to form ESTATES by purchasing adjacent LANDs during LANDS sales. Also, any LAND or ESTATE sold is sold with its ASSETS and GAMES. So, make sure to sell for the right price! Note that LANDs owners will also have to stake a certain amount of SAND tokens.

Monetization possibilities offered within the metaverse are only limited by your imagination. The game is designed to reward creativity.

Players can also make money by Building Games on the Game Maker and Selling ASSETS.

Unlike other crypto gaming platforms, The Sandbox invites the players to create their own games without needing any coding skills using their Game Maker. Players can also take advantage of thousands of voxel models made by The Sandbox community members using the awesome tool called “VoxEdit’’. The VoxEdit is a 3D voxel modeling tool that allows players to create and animate 3D items and export them into the Sandbox MarketPlace thus transforming them into in-game assets. This can potentially be very lucrative for item creators.

As previously stated, the game grants full property of LAND and game items. Players can create then sell their items and make a profit using the Sandbox MarketPlace.

In fact, within the first 24 of launching the Sandbox Marketplace, the game saw 1314 unique transactions for NFTs, generating 331000 SAND tokens volume in sales (around $211,000). On average, each artist earned $4,000.

For a better insight, we invite you to have a look at a wide range of amazing items in this marketplace where you can see creative players selling their NTFs after creating them.

The Core Team behind The Sandbox

Arthur Madrid – CEO and Director of The Sandbox

Besides being the CEO and Director of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid is also the Co-founder and CEO of Pixowl. He is a Board Member of Animoca Brands and a known social gaming entrepreneur. Arthur is also an advisor for startups in gaming, social media, and software.

Sebastien Borget – COO and Director of The Sandbox

Sébastien Borget is passionate about blockchain technology, gaming, and education. He is an active preacher of the opportunities that Non-Fungible Tokens can bring to the gaming industry. Since 2020, he’s been the President of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Sebastian is also the Co-founder and COO of Pixowl.

Marcelo Santurio – CFO of The Sandbox

Marcelo Santurio is an experience Chief financial officer. He co-founded the 1st online payment company in Latam and has more than two decades of experience in Finance, Tech, and Gaming. Marcelo has an MBA from the London Business School with a focus on Finance and Execute Program at MIT in Entrepreneurship.

Pablo Iglesias – Inventor of The Sandbox

Game Pablo Iglesias is the inventor of the Sandbox. He counts over a decade in researching and developing emergent procedural systems. He has also successfully led multiple teams of professionals through several games.

Lucas Shrewsbury – CTO of The Sandbox, ex-CTO of Gameloft

Lucas Shrewbusyr has more than ten years of experience in leading mobile gaming studios. For example, while he was the CTO at Gameloft Argentina, Lucas Shrewsbury managed the studio and a team of 200 people.

The sandbox partners

The Sandbox is one of the richest projects in terms of partners. The project has a long list of notable actors on the gaming scene and the cryptocurrency scene including Atari, Binance, and Matic. These partners are growing continuously and set new opportunities for investors on this metaverse. For example, after Binance announced buying LANDs on the game, many players were willing to spend serious money to buy some near Binance.

Binance is using its LANDS to engage with the community through social gaming experiences organized in The Sandbox virtual worlds. For example, they want to organize NFT creation contests using the VoxEdit tool and the Sandbox marketplace. Also, Binance wants to distribute the LANDS as a reward to creators who create the best games using the Sandbox Game Maker.

Atari, a video game company established in 1972, is also a partner of The Sandbox. The partnership will allow Atari to showcase its games and content in The Sandbox gaming metaverse.

Matic Network is also collaborating with The Sandbox to help achieve faster transactions and a better UI/UX experience within The Sandbox platform.

The Sandbox community overview

The Sandbox Team is active on social media and targets English and Korean-speaking audiences. The team is planning to add support for other languages to accompany the project’s growth.

The SAND token

SAND Tokenomics

$SAND is the utility token of the Sandbox. The main use-case of SAND is related transactions within the game. SAND is meant to be used as the basis of transactions within the Sandbox ecosystem. SAND is an ERC20 Token, meaning it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. The supply is limited to 3 billion tokens.

All LANDs and in-game items need to be purchased using SAND as a currency. The second use-case of SAND is Staking, players will have to stack significant amounts of LAND tokens to be able to perform certain tasks or achieve specific game experiences. For example, players will have to stake SAND to create DISTRICTS.

The third use case is Governance. According to the Sandbox roadmap, the Launch of the DAO with staking and voting mechanisms for SAND, LAND, and AVATAR holders is programmed for Q2 of 2022. The Sandbox DAO will allow SAND holders to participate in major decisions on the Game Platform that are currently exclusively made by the Sandbox team. SAND owners can vote or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.

Currently, 19% of all SAND supply is held by the Sandbox team. They also announced that around 65.00% of funds raised by the project are allocated to the development of the game, marketing, administration, and the Team.

Why we believe in The Sandbox as good investment in 2022?

The Sandbox is one of many blockchain-based virtual worlds projects attempting to disrupt the traditional gaming market by rewarding creators for owning a piece of our gaming metaverse (LAND), participate in the governance and economy (SAND), and creating in-game ASSETS. The core team behind this project reflects its seriousness and the fact that this game has more than 40 million downloads shows that the SAND Token is backed by great fundamentals.

Following the Bitcoin Crash in May 2021, the price of SAND also dropped significantly to as low as $0.145 in Jun 2021 before quickly recovery followed by a new high of $1.21 in August 2021. This price movement of summer 2021 shows how strong the SAND Token is since many altcoins couldn’t recover as fast late alone breaking to a new high. Sooner after that, SAND broke to a new all-time high of abour $9 in November 2021!

At Cryptimed, we are convinced that SAND Token can x10 by the end the next Bitcoin bullish wave that we believe is still 6month away. But, to stay on more conservative grounds and given the strong fundamentals of this project and the Bitcoin bullish setup, we believe a $12 SAND isn’t impossible.

SAND price prediction for 2022
SAND price prediction for 2022

So, in your opinion, is SANDBOX a good investment ? if the answer is yes, then will be happy to read our reviews about Illuvium and Chromia. Both these projects have lower market caps compared to SAND and more potential to the upside!

Where can you buy SAND?

If you belive The Sandbox utility token is a good investment then you would be happy to know that SAND token is currently trading and can be easily bought on most trusted crypto exchanges. Here are two major exchanges from which you can buy and trade SAND tokens:

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