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Is Illuvium the Next Big Play-to-Earn Game Investment?

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an NFT collection and play-to-earn game. It is an Ethereum Blockchain-based game that invites its players to embark on a new adventure. Players will be chasing and hunting new deity-like beasts named Illuvials. Playing this RPG open-world game will take you through vast shuttered spaces, fighting and capturing illuvials. Not only this, but you’ll need to unveil the cause of the cataclysm that busted this vast land.

The Gameplay of Illuvium

According to Illuvium’s whitepaper, you’ll be able to build the team while taking the role of a survivor of a spatial transport vessel that was part of an intergalactic space fleet. Your initial mission will be to find clues as to what could be the cause of this perplexing call emitted by this distress device. Once at your destination, you will discover a ravaged planet thought to be the mythical cradle of your race’s civilization.

Vast spaces of this planet lie submerged under a blue crystal ocean. That means your journey will mainly take place in a small part of this planet, where you will chase and capture illuvials.

Far from being cute and peaceful, illuvials are hard to capture as they can appear only to vanish in a glimpse of a moment. Not only this, but you will also need to be ready to face their power. One more detail is that you will need to master the synergies between these creatures, as it might be decisive during a battle. Also, facing a powerful illuvial implies using a stronger Shard. You will use Shards to capture and store your illuvials.

Capturing illuvials seems to work similarly to Pokemon where Shards replace Pokeballs and Illuvials replace Pokemons!

Illuvials are dedived into 5 classes : Fighters, Guardians, Rogues, Psions, and Empaths. Choosing one class over another can strongly affect the outcome of your battles against wild illuvials. So make sure you use the right class if you want to build a bigger team by defeating and drafting new illuvials.


How to play Illuvium?

To start, you can easily customize your in-game character and choose a Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. Then, you can start exploring the vast areas and subduing the mighty beasts. To capture illuvials, you will need Shards.

In the beginning, you will be given the possibility to mine free Shards. Keep in mind that these free Shards can only capture a few less powerful illuvials.

Of course, capturing new illuvials can be a profitable venture. But you will face many difficulties as their number decrease over time. In fact, given the scarcity of each illuvial type, encountering older types will become harder over time.


Mastering the 5 fundamental Affinities, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Nature, will be the best way to victory! Each Affinity can show both strength and weakness over another Affinity. For example, Fire can cause damage to Nature, but can’t succeed against Water. Because the gameplay is very similar to Pokémon, most players will find it easy to master.

Is Illuvium free to play?

This Play-To-Earn game doesn’t require any purchases for you to start playing it.

Thanks to the illuvium battle arena concept, you will be able to challenge other players and gain more monsters. If your team is not ready yet, you can easily participate as a spectator and wager on the outcome of these battles. Watching battles will help you better understand the affinities that exist between the different illuvials’ classes.

You shouldn’t ignore collecting Shards either! These items are necessary to capture a stronger monster. Keep in mind that hard captures require stronger shards. In addition to this indispensable tool, you can use your drone to mine minerals from the planet’s surface. Therefore, you must learn how to use your PSD to mine more minerals.

The minerals you mined can be used to forge armors and weapons to help you build a better team.

How to make money playing Illuvium?

Unlike traditional games, this auto-battler NFT game gives full ownership of unique digital NFT assets. You can then sell these NFTs on exchanges or borrow against them.

Illuvium is thus far from being a simple source of entertainment. It can be very lucrative once you master it. The best thing about Illuvium’s NFTs is that they get rarer over time! The sooner you start, the better.

Also, you won’t need to pay gas fees or anything. If you’ve been following closely play-to-earn games, you can tell that this is a very ambitious project. We believe Illuvium can easily compete with some of the well-known NFT games.

Furthermore, the main in-game currency is Ether, and the team is currently building a decentralized exchange called ‘illuviDex’ where players can trade their assets.

Staking the ILV token is also possible via Core Pools and Flash Pools. At the end of this article, we will discuss in further details the tokenomics of ILV and why it may be a good investment.

The team behind Illuvium

You can have the best project idea and still fail miserably because the team wasn’t good enough! That’s why we believe that studying the team is required when evaluating the viability of a project. So, we did a little digging to see who’s behind the illuvium project.

We were pleased to see that Illuvium’s team is a myriad of skilled engineers and managers who excel, each in their domain. They are currently more than 90 going from programming to project management and marketing.

Kieran and Aaron Warwick, the illuvium project co-founders, are in charge respectively of the business and development aspects of this NFT game. They are also the youngest brother of Kain Warwick, the man behind one of the most well-established and respected liquidity pool protocols called ‘Synthetix’.

We also looked into previous projects lead by the co-founder, Kieran. We found that he was behind the first OTC (over-the-counter) cryptocurrency market in the world. That is certainly great and shows that this serial entrepreneur is very qualified.

Aaron, the Game Designers in Chief, has been a game builder since he was a student at the University of Wollongong in Australia. His enthusiasm for gaming and sports is the fueling energy of this project as he supervises every aspect of the game, both the storyline and the game graphic design.

The two brothers are working alongside a team of skilled engineers and specialists, like Nate Wells, the game producer who has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Nate has already worked on worldwide known games such as The Last of Us and The Rise of Tomb Rider, where he took the role of Lead Game Producer.

Behind Illuvium there is a strong team of engineers with long experience ranging between 10 and 20 years in multiple fields, like CTO, game conception, stack development, and game animation.

Illuvium partners and ecosystem

Illuvium can count on solid investors from the crypto scene, like the founders of, the founder of Aaver, and the founder of the decentralized exchange 1inch, Anton Bukov. Also, the project is backed by reputable venture capital funds such as IOSG Ventures, LD Capital, YBB Foundation, and Bitscale Capital.

Bitscale Capital alone is backing more than 40 different blockchain projects, like chromia, marlin, Tezos, and many trading platforms! The trust of such partners is a good indicator of the seriousness of this project. It will also positively impact the speed at which the illuvium platform is progressing.

The Illuvium Community

In addition to great partners and investors, Illuvium has a growing community with more than 60 thousand members on Discord and a strong presence on Twitter. The community is bound to grow further once the game is successfully launched. Their Telegram group and Facebook page count a relatively low number of members. We hope that the project team focuses more on this point later this year once the public beta version is live. A strong and active community may be vital if we want to see more players in the game.

Along these channels, illuvium is also active on Medium. This is where you can find valuable and up-to-date information about illuviums upgrades, token distribution, and many other aspects of this NFT collection game.

Illuvium launch date

Although the game hasn’t launched yet, its co-founders have announced October 2021 as a launch date for the Beta Version. In terms of sales, the play-to-earn game knew five important phases since December 2020, starting with the Pre-Seed. It was followed a month later by the Seed Sale. The 3 remaining phases are the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap in March 2021, the SushiSwap Liquidity Pool in April 2021, and then the Yield Farming. The last one being the most important.

On the other hand, the game has known several technological phases between November 2020 and May 2021. Yield Farming Contracts were then introduced in preparation for the private beta version that will be live in October 2021.

The illuvium project team plans a Public Beta Launch of the game in December 2021. The mobile version launch will follow during 2022 and a second illuvium title in 2023.

Is Illuvium a Scam?

We can’t be 100% sure this is a successful project since the team hasn’t launched the game yet. But believing this project is somewhat a scam seems a little bit ridiculous if we take into account its affinities and cooperation with well-known projects like and chainlink. Plus, this game is surrounded by partners, an ever-growing community, and a solid, experienced and active team.

Is illuvium a good investment?

Illuvium’s Tokenomics

In addition to an incredibly scarce maximum supply of only 10 million tokens, 3 million tokens dedicated to Yield Farming Rewards, this project leaves a lot of space for the price of its tokens to move up. The price of 1 ILV briefly touched an all-time high of $2,868.95 on May 29, 2021, before getting dragged down by the infamous bitcoin crash that happened in May 2021.

Now that Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency market in general, is recovering, there is no reason it won’t revisit the all-time high (or more!) once the game is successfully launched. This is a solid project with an ever-growing community behind it and big partners believing in it even after the crash in May.

Therefore, we believe this token could grant its holders good profits over the next few months, especially now that we see recovery from the multi-week correction that started in May.

Staking and Yield Farm ILV is also an option!

Both Staking and Yield Farming are a good source of income if you’re a die-hard gamer looking for a more lucrative gaming experience.

Don’t worry about ETH Gas fees!  Thanks to a layer-2 solution called ‘Immutable-X’, exchanging tokens and assets for zero gas fees will be possible.

Once the Immutable-X solution is deployed, it will grant both the player and the ILV holders the possibility to mint and exchange their tokens and assets for zero gas fees and a much shorter transaction time. All of this will be possible while preserving the user’s custody over its assets and tokens.

Note that the time and the rate of rewards distribution aren’t the same for every partner. Meanwhile, the two Core Pools offer variable locking periods that can go up to 1 year for ILV tokens and ILV/ETH. To do so, you’re given multiple choices with three well-known wallets for their security measures.

In fact, upon further research, we found that the platform offers its token holders one of the best options, in terms of security, with Ledger Live as it will help you instantly manage your cold wallet stored tokens. No need to tell you more about the ledger wallet as it’s one of the most secure and well-trusted cold wallets in the market.

Our Price prediction for 2021

For the time being, we can only speculate about what the game dynamic would look like and highlight the previous ILV all-time high of the ILV of $2,868.95.

We believe a successful game launch will take the price to new ATHs. Our basic prediction shows that the ILV token has good chances to reach at least its previous ATH as the circulating supply is still relatively low. An increase of 400 to 500% is our best wager on this token.

Price appreciation will be mainly due to the series of good fundamental reasons exposed throughout this article alongside a growing demand and competition in the field of Play-to-earn games and NFTs.

Illuvium vs Axie Infinity

While Axie Infinity has a random assortment of assets, Illuvium aims to generate unique and distinguishable assets.

The major difference is the size and the format of each game. While Axie is a 2D limited universe, Illuvium will be offering a 3D world to explore and fascinating creatures to subdue.

There is no doubt, Axie Infinity has the upper hand given its already established popularity and adoption. But, the play-to-earn field is still new and can welcome more competition. That’s why we believe Illuvium can become the number #1 Axie Infinity competitor. It has all the ingredients to pull this up.

Now, that doesn’t mean Illuvium will negatively impact Axie Infinity. On the contrary, more competition is needed in play-to-earn gaming to attract more people to this field. The only potential losers will be traditional games if they don’t keep up.

Where can you buy ILV tokens?

The ILV token is currently trading over many trading platforms and DEXs. Here are some exchanges where you can easily trade and invest in illuvium :

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