How to make money in Mines of Dalarnia

How to make money in Mines of Dalarnia in 2022?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure platform-mining game. While fighting foes and looking for rare relics and artifacts, players mine and mix various in-game objects to improve their abilities and equip and discover the mysteries of the MoD world.

In Mines of Dalarnia, all in-game digital assets are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be exported and traded on open marketplaces, making them genuinely user-owned. The game is built on the Chromia blockchain, a brand-new relational blockchain designed for Metaverse and NFT dApps.

All in-game transactions are recorded on the blockchain to guarantee that the game results are not tampered with by a centralized entity. Mines of Dalarnia is not a Pay-to-Win game either, meaning that the game doesn’t sell items that give a competitive advantage.

Mines of Dalarina Gameplay

The core gameplay revolves around mining, fighting, and resource collection. There are rich subsurface deposits of various minerals in Dalarnia, ready to be explored by courageous explorers.

Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet launchs on April 26, 2022

To make the gameplay more interesting, the game contains various types of Lands and resources. Lands are sold to ambitious entrepreneurs eager to make the globe a more appealing place for new entrants and create a fortune for themselves while better developing Dalarnia and making the most use of the resources.

Currently, Dalarnia’s explorers have discovered four different types of terrain, with more still to be discovered. Terrestrial, Lava, Ice, and Darkness are the four varieties of plots. As players enter the main mining dashboard, they are represented by several colors: Terrestrial – purple, Lava – red, Ice – blue, Darkness – green.

mines of dalarnia gameplay

Some of the tamer foes in the MoD world may be found in Terrestrial Mines. However, each of these foes has unique attacks and characteristics that the player must learn to deal with. While many of them can be dispatched with a few clever swings of your pickaxe, don’t be too hasty; even the most basic adversaries may take down a negligent player!

The number in the bottom right corner, which starts with a D, may be used to determine the difficulty level. The ‘Free Zone’ in the examples above is a D0 zone. D0 zones may be mined by characters of any level. In contrast, because ‘Acrid Bilge’ is a D9, you’ll need to level up your character to mine it properly. To advance in the game, players will need to acquire both critical minerals and experience points. Luckily, Mines of Dalarnia is not a pay-to-win game, players can’t buy items to acquire competitive advantages.

How to play Mines of Dalarnia as a beginner

Because certain parts of Mines of Dalarnia are accessible for free, players can play for free without using the Chromia Vault. But we recommend you use this vault ( to manage your tokens. Since Mines of Dalarnia is built on the Chromia blockchain, you can use the same vault across the whole ecosystem. You can learn more about Chromia and its ecosystem of dApps in this article.

You may either buy a Limited Edition Starter Pack, a Basic Starter Pack, or utilize a Free 2 Play Pack to get started as a miner in Dalarnia. All these Packs include basic versions of the essential mining equipment, although they differ in the following ways:

Mines of Dalarnia Limited Edition Starter Pack

This Starter Pack is limited in supply and contains the following NFTs:

  • Limited Edition Cosmetic NFT
  • Consumable NFT that grants a Reward Bonus for [X] Mining Sessions
  • Key Item NFT that offers players access to Depth 2 and 3
  • Crafting Pass that allows players to craft NFTs

Given the restricted supply of these Starter Packs, it’s likely that the NFTs within will become collectibles. Limited Edition Starter Pack is the one we recommend most for experienced players.

Mines of Dalarnia Basic Starter Pack

With this pack, you can get the Key Item NFT, which grants entry to Depths 2 and 3. A Crafting NFT Pass is also included to allow players to build NFTs.

Mines of Dalarnia Free 2 Play Pack

Like the other packs, the Free 2 Play Pack offers the essentials. Players can still mine in Depth 1 mines, but they won’t be able to start runs in Depth 2 or 3 mines, and they won’t be able to use the crafting capabilities. They can exchange their Resources on the market. But, if they want full usage of the game’s features, such as crafting and multiple mining depths, they’ll need to purchase a Basic Starter Pack.

It’s worth noting that each player’s tool slot has an upper limit; once that limit is reached, players must either trade, drop, or place their item on their lands. This means that to keep you alive, different mine kinds need different equipment. The amount of your oxygen tank impacted how long you could survive on the run in Terrestrial mines. Your Heat Sink will decide how long you can survive in this Lava mine. To embark on longer runs in Lava mines, upgrade your Heat Sink.

How to make money in Mines of Dalarnia?

To make money in Mines of Dalarnia you can either be a Land Owner or a Player (Miner). Either way, you can also stake DAR Tokens to generate an extra revenue:

How to make money in Mines of Dalarnia

Making money as a Land Owner in Mines of Dalarnia

Being a landowner in the game allows you to earn money in a variety of ways. Land sales will be conducted in stages to provide participants with as many opportunities as possible. To purchase a piece of land, players will have to pay a price, which is represented in the form of NFT. Buyers choose between a variety of land types (for example, lava lands).

Land owners will get a minimal reward in the form of tokens, required tools or minerals airdrops, or other formats according to the token holders’ collective preferences. Furthermore, as a Land owner, you can earn DAR tokens by simply renting your properties to other players. 

Making money as a Miner in Mines of Dalarnia

If you rather make your way through the game as a Player, you have to focus on minerals and resources. There are basic and exotic minerals. Basic minerals are required to improve basic equipment and may be obtained in the ‘Free Zone’ which is accessible to all players in Mines of Dalarnia.

On the other hand, Exotic minerals may only be found in paid mines owned by a player, or plots rented from another player. Exotic minerals are required to conduct sophisticated equipment and plot modifications. Furthermore, certain minerals can only be found in specific mines.

Staking DAR Tokens to making money in Mines of Dalarnia

If you own in-game tokens ($DAR), you can stake them to make interest and to get other amazing benefits such as early access to NFT drops and NFT Rewards. A comparable toolset is only available to players who have reached the requisite level; players can level up by either earning experience points or staking DAR tokens.

Where can I buy Mines of Dalarnia (DAR token)?

MoD has a native token, DAR, that serves as both a governance token and money for updating tools and trading on markets. It’s like the Dalarnian world’s default money.

As an investor, instead of playing the game, you can simply invest directly into Mines of Dalarnia by acquiring its DAR Token.

We recommend you buy your tokens from a trusted exchange such as Binance and

New User Benefits:

Use the code “CPA_007ASI0G24” to create an account on Binance and get 100USDT for FREE as soon as you deposit $50 within the 15 days of signing up.

New User Benefits:

Complete beginner’s tasks & claim $100 Points, Trade&claim $5500 worth of USDTest

If you are interested in Play-to-earn crypto investment, we also recommend you read our articles related to Chromia, The Sandbox, and Illuvium. Compared to Mines of Dalarnia, these are bigger projects with great potential. If you rather invest in smaller market cap cryptos, then Mines of Dalarnia and Dogami are promising projects for 2022 as long as you’re ready to stomach the volatility!

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