DOGAMÍ: a Promising Play-to-Earn game investment in 2022?

Dogami is a mix between NFT, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, all of which are highly popular nowadays, with a sprinkling of nostalgia for Tamagotchi. By adopting a virtual puppy NFT, you may switch to the “petavers” in this video game. The more you take care of your new companion, the more money you will earn.

We can depict Dogami as a mash-up of “Nintendogs” and “Pokemon Go.” It’s a game that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to modernize a popular notion during the 1990s and 2000s: virtual pet breeding. Players will be able to take care of their dog, groom it, feed it, and even teach it tricks in this “petavers,” an immersive virtual world for dogs. Dogami’s canines are NFTs, and each player is in charge of raising and training his crypto-pup until it reaches adulthood (and beyond).

The team behind Dogami

Bryan J L Glass, a veteran of the Marvel and Image Comics series, came up with the concept for Dogami. Bryan Jason Lee Glass, a well-known comic book writer, lends a strong touch to the personalities that many breeds on Dogami will portray.

The development team has a diverse set of skills, including expertise in crypto start-up acceleration, blockchain gaming, and blockchain-based entrepreneurship. We find among them: Sebastien Borget, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox (click here to read more about how The Sandbox is a great investment this year) who also serves as the chairman of the Blockchain Game Alliance, and Josef Holm who is a Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm.

How to buy a Dogami?

Dogami has built a marketplace where you may adopt your pet 3.0. The marketplace is made accessible through Dogami’s website. Future puppy breeders must have a Tezos cryptocurrency wallet (the game’s blockchain) as well as XTZ. All the pups have already found their forever homes. But each two to three months, new adoption events are organized. The secondhand market is a good option for those who are impatient. But be careful! Prices in secondhand markets aren’t always reasonable.

dogami dogs

To enter the DOGAMÍ Petaverse, users must mint one of the 8,000 NFTs in the DOGAM collection. A single NFT costs 50 XTZ and may only be purchased with Tezos wallets. Unfortunately, there are no other centralized exchanges where you may buy DOGAMÍ NFTs.

DOGAMÍ’s mission is to make play-to-earn gaming more accessible to a broader audience.

Credit: DOGAMÍ

Each Dogami is one-of-a-kind

Each dog has unique physical features as well as a distinct personality. These characteristics are randomly attributed. It’s only after a pat has been acquired, that the breeder learns about its dog’s “pedigree”.

Each dog is classified according to a rarity system in addition to its characteristics (diamond, most wanted, Gold, Silver, and Bronze). The more uncommon (and hence more expensive) your virtual buddy is, the more tokens he receives as a reward: Doga, the game’s cryptocurrency.

Dogami is a play-to-earn game which means the more you play, the more money you can gain. The more a player looks after his Dogami and develops a relationship with it, the more Doga he will earn, which may be converted into dollars or euros (after conversion into Tezos).

The Petavers

For the time being, the game is still in its early stages of development. You can see your puppy and resell it on the market, but you can’t play with it or teach it tricks. In July 2022, the most crucial stage should be completed.

At the time of writing, you may download the game to your smartphone and play the “puppy phase,” or the learning period of the dog. Finally, the breeder will be able to connect with his animal and help it enhance its traits.

The Petavers for DOGAMI

The game changes drastically once the dog reaches adulthood. It’s time for the crypto-puppy to get a job and advance in rank. Jobs vary from law enforcement to firefighting, skating, farming, space exploration, or even yoga. The game will have a table of the greatest masters to reward the best puppies (and players).

This rating will be crucial for one of the game’s most critical mechanics: mating. When two virtual animals give birth to a young Dogami, one of the masters takes the baby while the other goes with Doga in his pockets.

One of Dogami’s most intriguing features is that it allows new players with fewer resources to enjoy the game. In a procedure known as “Dogami Day Care,” smart contracts are formed with Dogami owners, allowing them to hire a puppy on a reward-sharing basis.

Is Dogami a scam?

No, Dogami doesn’t appear to be a scam. The Tezos Foundation, The Sandbox, Blockchain Founders Fund, Pyratz Labs, Animoca, and Daren Goren Holm have all contributed to the first funding of Dogami’s star-studded crew. This information in itself gives a clear idea about the seriousness and confidence of the team behind Dagomi as a project.

Dogami (DOGA) Price prediction

Dogami (Doga) is a brand-new cryptocurrency that was listed on CoinGecko on March 28th, 2022. We don’t have enough data about this currency to make any reliable forecasts or future projections.

However, as with many similar projects, we believe that the price evolution will be guided by the public adoption and the efforts exerted by the project’s marketing team to gain popularity.

According to coinmarketcap DOGA has a small marketcap of only $7,004,644 at the price of $0.272 per token. Meanwhile, the fully diluted marketcap is hovering around $271,982,659.

We can easily see DOGA reaching a more substantial, but still small, marketcap of $70,000,000. This can put DOGA at more than $2 assuming the gap with the diluted marketcap doesn’t affect the price short-term. 

Where can I buy DOGAMÍ (DOGA)?

Doga is currently listed on and can be traded against USDT. You can also earn income by providing liquidity to the exchange, in which case, the 7-day Yield would be your safest bet as this token is still relatively new.

New User Benefits:

Complete beginner’s tasks & claim $100 Points, Trade&claim $5500 worth of USDTest

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